These designs draw on the dynamic presence of stand of trees on Thoreau Street. Inasmuch as their lives are tied to the seasons, they will be placed in the landscape, oriented to receive morning and evening sunlight at solstice and equinox times of the solar year.

Concept Sketch and Basic Geometry
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield
Design Process: Transition on Thoreau Street
Fall Photo
Landscape Study
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield
Preliminary Color Study
Design Development Study
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield
Design Process: Leaves at Dawn
The images below represent design development from the first early morning sketch and photo, to blocking, color studies and final panel design.  A commission for a smaller panel, with the same design origin is shown below. Even at a smaller size the design maintains the same vibrant energy
Just Before Sunrise

Preliminary Sketch
Blocking for Dalles de Verre
Color Preliminary
Fully Developed Design Blocking
Preliminary with Dawn Colors
Change of field to brighter, vibrant greens.
Size: 4ft. x 8ft.
Design modification for smaller panel.
Size: 2ft. x 4ft.
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield
 © 2010 Kay Whitefield