Kay Whitefield

NEW JERSEY,  08904-2300

telephone: (978) 771-9946  

email : whitefieldstudios@gmail.com


I have developed this blog specifically to explore background thoughts and images for projects still in conception.   I welcome viewer response and discussion on any of the background and conceptual material.

Other Links
Henry Maclean, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Timeless Architecture, Milton, MA.  Over the last 12 years we have collaborated to engage many clients in a Pre-Design, Co-Creative process of Landscape and Site Energy Profile Analysis.  This practice offers our clients a completed project combining the benefits of Sustainable Design, at the core of Timeless Architecture's practice, joined with insights developed from our Site Energy Profile Analysis.  This leads to significant quality of life improvements as our clients and their dwellings are now acting in concert with the dynamic and energetic qualities of the site

Peter Champoux, Arkhom, Inc., Greenfield, MA.
We have worked together on multiple projects to develop specific ideas and tools enabling clients to live in harmony with sentient project sites.
Peter has discovered and documented patterns of vital energy underlying North American history, culture, and spiritual destiny. His visionary work, Gaia Matrix, published by Franklin Press, sheds new light on the understanding of human consciousness, our connection to the planet, and future human evolution.