Kate Whitefield has blended careers as architect and stained glass artist/fabricator since 1972. Throughout her career Kate has channeled her interest in historic architecture into a modern context through stained glass design. Augmenting life long independent studies of historic transcendent spaces Kate holds a B.A. from the University of Oklahoma with concentrations in modern languages and European history, together with an Architectural degree from the Boston Architectural College.

Her professional focus, as a creative, revels in the extraordinary power of light, color and esoteric geometric patterns found within historic spaces throughout Europe and the Americas. This joy has found expression in stained glass design and fabrication.  Themes present in projects such as "Leaves at Dawn" and "Transition on Thoreau Street", deepen one's relationship with the proportional beauty and grace inherent in Nature. Kate has designed and placed traditional Leaded Glass and modern Dalles de Verre panels, in both private and public spaces in Montana, Colorado, Massachusetts and (presently) New Jersey.